A Rave to Mars sits down with E.Nigma where we get to learn a little bit more about his EP “Soul Purpose,” and why he compares rap to wrestling.

Shoutout to the undergroundfounders for showing hella love to my movement and the music. They been strong supporters, so I’m glad I got to kick it and chat a bit. Real dope interview, the coolest people (shoutout Julius &  Raven for coming thru!) and good vibes all around. Take a look and learn a little bit why the #Eis4Everything


“The E is 4 Euros, I need it in plural. NY is the city, KB is the borough. (Brooklyn!) East Village Radio how I’m ‘keepin it thorough’”

-E.Nigma "Almost There"

The first words you hear when you start playing my latest body of work the  ”Soul Purpose” EP : Almost There (produced by James Mocroo 007)

Check out the EP here on soundcloud: SOUL PURPOSE EP

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Love the Love :)

  • "When you scream my name sweet thang please don’t forget the #BabyBaby"

First single off the SOUL PURPOSE EP called ”Baby Baby”. Follow me on soundcloud for the latest sounds

Guess Who’s Back…on Tumblr

First off shoutout #TeamNigma for all the love y’all been showing since I last updated my blog. Kickback (Celebration) was the start of a real dope process, which led to my latest creation the Soul Purpose EP, as well as what I’m currently constructing SOUL PURPOSE DELUX. So thank you guys for being dope people.

Secondly, the reason why I stopped really going on tumblr was because I was working on my website, Eis4Everything.net! Which I’m proud to say has gotten real great feedback, and has grown to views in the thousands. There is where you can find my latest music, videos, shows, etc. and really get a grasp of who I am as an artist. 

I was looking for a place to get more content to my fans (#TeamNigma) and then I remembered I had a place to do that and that was here on tumblr, so follow me, tell your friends to follow me and enjoy the music and entertainment. Along with the music and videos, I want to share more behind the scenes content and do giveaways and allat. You guys are awesome and I have awesome music and shit so we should be friends. 

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An anthem to end your summer to. An ode to good times and the good ppl we have them with. Please listen and share with your friends~

The latest vibes from E.Nigma!

@EdotNigma - Kickback (Celebration)

Check out this dope freestyle from E.Nigma presented by Stone Cold Lifestyle! #OnlyLetter #SCL #soundcloud

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Artwork for E.Nigma - Only Letter; by SCL Graphix 


I present to you #NAPS listen and lemme know Whatchu think!